Website – a collection of web pages with related content identified by a common domain name. The Operator owns all the rights to a website and its various components (including software and design). Transfer of exclusive rights to a player is not subject to the privacy policy.

Operator – an individual, corporation, association, or business entity that directly or indirectly owns a casino facility.

User – anyone who visits a casino website.

Funds – any amount of money that has been transferred to a player ‘s account, money that has been displayed in a user ‘s account, or money that a user has the right to wager.

Applicable law – Policies and laws that regulate gambling in different jurisdictions.

Player Account – The user’s page at an online casino with personal information and information about the amount of money available or has been used for betting.

Refund Policies

  1. Generally, casinos do not give refunds in case the claimed deposit has been used to wager, including betting bonus funds.
  2. A request for a refund MUST be made within the first twenty-four (24) hours of the transaction in question, or within the first thirty (30) days if the transaction was made via the player ‘s account by another person or minor. Furthermore, all relevant laws must be followed.
  3. Typically, a casino reserves a right to refuse refunds or reverse transactions pending verification of the Player ‘s Account. This is to ensure any transaction made to Us is honoured even after the refund. You are obliged to present notarized identity documents if needed. They may request a passport, a government-issued ID, utility bill, affidavit, or birth certificate. If such a document is not sent to Us within three (3) days of the request, the refund or reverse may be denied. Thereafter, the account in question will be suspended, and all funds will be forfeited, with such a decision being definitive, binding, and unappealable.
  4. If a refund is requested, and the funds were deposited using a credit card, they might reserve the right to pay all withdrawal requests, up to the amount deposited, to the card. If the withdrawals are more than the total amount deposited, the excess amount will be refunded or reversed via other alternative payout methods available at a website (BTC or ETH).
  5. In case a casino staff notice that the credit card purchases carry any risk for security, either for the credit card issuer or casino employees, the casino reserves the right to initiate refunds for all such transactions to the credit card. This will be followed by appropriate legal actions.
  6. The operator does not charge any fee for refund, except for the cases where payment processing involves third party entities, such as banking institutions.
  7. Sometimes, users are allowed to place bets immediately through Stream. There are Steam Bots that accept new trades with minimum time lags (it depends on the load upon the Steam servers and takes from 2 to 180 seconds). THEREFORE, the User should be aware that it is impossible to cancel a placed bet. The bots send skins almost immediately so that no refund can be issued. This applies to CS:GO gambling and eSports.
  8. Users can cancel a bet placed via Steam and receive a confirmation “Trade Offer Cancelled.” Nevertheless, this might not be the case because the bet might be active, meaning the cancellation command was made too late and because of the Steam Error, the User received the ”Trade Offer Cancelled” message. In this scenario, skins cannot be returned.
  9. Some websites work with Steam Trade Offer System to facilitate bets that are confirmed by Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator only. This means that there will be no instance when the User places a bet without confirmation or by accident. Therefore, skins deposited as bets cannot be returned.
  10. If a User accidentally cancels a win, he/she may ask for a refund by emailing ф customer support service. Nevertheless, winnings cannot be sent to other users’ accounts other than the account where the claim was made.
  11. All games must be played fairly, and the outcome of the games should not be influenced by the User. This includes the use of computer software, robots, or gambling systems.
  12. Users may withdraw winnings directly to their bank accounts using different payment options available on a casino website, including cryptocurrencies, BTC, ETH, QIWI, and Webmoney.
  13. REFUND POLICIES are periodically updated.
  14. If you understand the refund policy and feel pumped to try CS:GO or casino gambling, sign up here and we’ll help you get started.
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