What Are Provably Fair Games?

Gambling is pretty much based on luck and intrigue. The confidence in one’s win takes all the excitement from the game, doesn’t it? So, of course, players prefer to stay in the dark until the end of the game. After all, you need to gamble, and that’s the main point of it.

But you need to make sure that you’re not being cheated when you’re enjoying the game. And that’s where Provably Fair comes in ‒ an algorithm, using which players can manually check and verify that the games they play are fair. Thus, they will know that there is no possible way of dirty play by the online casino after you’ve bet. Flip the coin, toss the cards, Provably Fair games will provide you with fair and unbiased results.

Why Play Provably Fair Games?

The answer is far simpler than you may think. Gambling involves two major aspects – technique and luck. And while you can improve your skills, luck is beyond your control. And that’s the charm of gambling. But we can forget about luck if the game isn’t fair. To make sure that the results are random, third-party auditioning may be required. However, with Provably Fair, you don’t need any intermediary.

With the Provably Fair algorithm, the outcomes of the bets are predetermined mathematically, which makes them extremely difficult to predict. As you cannot figure out the results, the game is fair, and the only two things that you can rely on are, as we’ve already mentioned, your technique (strategy) and luck. In other words, if you want a fair game, look for the Provably Fair page on a casino website.

How Does It Work?

We’ve mentioned the blockchain, but we need to go a little bit into the details of Provably Fair’s algorithm. Thanks to the use of the cryptographic hash, Provably Fair allows verifying every result. How’s that possible? First, we need to figure out what’s a cryptograph. Cryptograph is a coded collection of data, while hashes are chains of characters of that data. In other words, a cryptographic hash is a signature for the data.

The player uses seeds – extra data that modifies the hash when applied to it. A random seed generated by the server is hashed and sent to the player. The player, in turn, chooses another random seed and adds it to the hash. The two seeds are then combined. After the game, the original, random seed is revealed to the player. Using the JavaScript tool provided by the online casino, the player can check how the hash was modified based on the added seeds.

Thus, the outcome of each game is mathematically predetermined, which makes it impossible for a provably fair casino to manipulate the results. And if the mathematically predetermined results make you feel limited, don’t worry, the provably fair tool generated a chain of more than ten million hashes.

How to Check Fairness?

Crash, Roulette, and HILO games can be powered by casino itself. Gambling aficionados can easily check the fairness of the game they’ve just played, as the hashes are published as soon as the game ends. The players are provided with the JavaScript tools that allow them to check how the hash was modified by the random seeds they’ve added while playing the game. By checking that information, the player can verify that the hash was indeed modified by the seed, and in no way was altered by a casino.

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