Why is Gamdom Special?

Don’t gamble with your time. Let professional gambling analysts guide you. Gamdom is the number one casino comparison website enabling players to find and safely gamble their CSGO skins, Bitcoin, fiat, VGO, vIRL, or DOTA.

Using a provably fair algorithm and being fully licensed, Gamdom casinos’ list is 100% legit. You may, therefore, rest assured that none of the games available on the websites are rigged. You can safely sign in and claim free coins without having any security concerns whatsoever.

The Games

All Bitcoin-friendly online casinos featured in our list provide players with a wide variety of casino games. Upon making a deposit, you can get a chance to use the internal coins for all the gambling operations.

Being the main cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin can be used not only for buying skins but also for making deposits. Just register and claim free coins. Our experts will show you that it’s as easy as that.

Verifiably Fair Games

Almost all of the recommended games on the Gamdom Casino website are provably fair. Using a dedicated server to hash games with the SHA 256 algorithm, you can ensure that each of them can be digitally verified. At any time, you can check their fairness by looking them up by their SHA256 hash.

For each of its games, Gamdom has developed 10 million SHA 256 hashes. The hashes of the completed games are posted on the casino website where they can be verified for changes at any time. 

All the games to be played in the future have their result predefined on the basis of their SHA 256 encryption. This is proof that Gamdom is not able to change the result of a game to its benefit in any way. So what are you waiting for? Just register and go gambling. 

The Rainbot Feature

The Rainbot feature is what makes a CSGO gambling site in our top list truly unique. What it does is reward coins to active players in the chat depending on the sum they have gambled.

If you want to see what Rainbot rewards are, you should watch out for the special pop-up on a casino website. It shows up and disappears at random intervals, so you’ll have to be really fast and click on it as soon as it shows up on your screen. 


Gamdom remunerates players with verified accounts on a daily basis. To verify your account, you’ll have to use a verification code sent to your phone. Players with verified accounts can also get daily rewards & free coins thanks to our partners.

Please keep in mind that the amount of your daily rewards depends on your account’s level. 


To ensure a high level of players’ involvement, Gamdom Casino Team organizes various promotions, trials, and giveaways. Participating in them requires players to perform simple tasks, such as following us on Instagram or sharing one of the casino’s posts. Sign in and get rewards.

Withdrawals are Easy 

Compared to fiat currency transfers, Bitcoin withdrawals have several distinct advantages, including lower transaction fees and faster transaction speed. Sometimes, transfer times can be longer, but this is because of the blockchain traffic.

It takes no more than a few seconds to withdraw your Bitcoins, skins, or items with a Gamdom Team assistance and how-to guides.

Customer Support

You can count on three types of support on the Gamdom website:  marketing, general and technical. There is a special department that you can contact to get answers to your questions about the platform. Our support team is extremely experienced and responsive, providing solutions to any issues a customer might have.

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