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What Is Gamdom All About?

Gamdom Casino is a next-generation gambling guide, which provides gamers with a variety of thrilling insights, tutorials, and hacks from experts. We bring an action-packed experience to players who enjoy skins gambling and crypto betting.

Are There Chat Rules?

  • English is the sole language of communication.
  • Stop harassing, spamming or being offensive.
  • Do not spam links in chat.
  • Don’t try to earn coins unfairly by begging or asking.

What are Coins About?

Coins are a casino in-game currency. You can win or buy and use them to withdraw skins from the marketplace at a special gambling platform. For example,

1 SkinDollar can equal 1,500 casino coins.

Are Coins Transferable?

Yes, you can transfer them to your or a friend’s account using a so-called Tip Function. Click on the friends’ user name and select the Tip icon to send the coins.
Pay attention!

  • A wager is needed with a deposit of 1,500 coins.
  • In case of any errors while tipping, no refunds are usually given.

My Coins Vanished, Any Suggestions?

Do not give access to anyone else or install an untrusted antivirus. There are no refunds for these except what is proved in the casino logs.

Is There Any Way to Receive Free Coins?

Here are examples of bonuses available in the gambling market.

Daily Reward

  1. Silver (your hidden level is the same) – 4 coins
  2. Gold (your hidden levels decreases by 4) – 7 coins
  3. Emerald (your hidden level decreases by 10) – 10 coins


Appears intermittently in chat (8-12 minutes) with eligible players getting coins. Depends on the site activity.


You can get fantastic giveaways by following a casino on Twitter, VK, Instagram, and social media. Free coins can be claimed at site gamemodes: +85 total wager/25% slot coins wagered to claim rewards including the rain. Also, you can get a max of 2% of your total deposits.

Why Was I Unable to Get the Free Rain/*Tornado/Tsunami/Volcano/Snow/Blizzard/Avalanche coins?

  1. Not present
  2. Finished your claimable quota. Bet more.
  3. Not prepared for them. You must wager a minimum of 1,000 coins within 12 hours for Tornado/Blizzard.
  4. For Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche a wager of 25000 coins must be made 5 hours in advance.

How Can I Claim Rain/Snow?

  1. Must be present.
  2. Hit the Claim icon and enter the captchas.
  3. In the end, coins are received. It depends on the claim level, amount and the number of other claims.

How to Claim Tsunami/Volcano/Avalanche?

  1. Must be present.
  2. Hit the Claim icon and enter the captchas.
  3. In the end, coins are received if you have claimable coins.
  4. Must wager a minimum of 25,000 coins before the event.
  5. The amount received depends on the claim level.

How to Claim Tornado/Blizzard Coins?

  1. Must be present.
  2. Hit the Claim icon and enter the captchas.
  3. In the end, coins are received if you have claimable coins.
  4. Must wager a minimum of 10,000 coins, 12 hours before the event. Tornado/Blizzard happen every 60-240 minutes.
  5. The amount received depends on the claim level.

Can I Earn Extra Coins Through New Referrals?

Many platforms are already processing a new affiliate mechanism that will be operational in the near future.

What Commission Can I Earn When My Referrals Place New Bets?

It depends on a chosen casino.

What Is the Maximum Bet Limit?

The following cases may be cited by way of examples only.

  • Roulette: 15,000,000 for Green and 75,000,000 for Black/Red.
  • Crash: Bets limited to 75,000,000 with auto cash out for profits in excess of 150,000,000 coins.
  • HiLo: There are limits set according to different suits. See below:
    • Limited to 75,000,000 coins for Black/Red.
    • 7,500,000 limit for Joker.
    • 15,000,000 coins for A.
    • 75,000,000 for 2-9.
    • 75,000,000 for J, Q, K, A.
    • 37,500,000 coins for K. A.

What to Do if I Get Disconnected During a Crash Round?

The Auto-cashout feature will operate. Select the option if there are any internet reliability issues.

What Do I Do in Case of Lagging Issues in the Game?

Generally, it is on the player’s side due to high latency on the server or user end. For this always use the “Auto-cashout” option when starting a game.

No refunds are issued without clear evidence provided by the player. An example of evidence would be a video of the game with the game-id, time and date forwarded to the casino support team.

Any Limits to the Crash Multiplier?

Usually, there is no limit but an automatic cash out for players making more than 150,000,000 coins per game.

Any Tips on How to Win the Crash Jackpot?

Just play it! Gamdom offers an exciting progressive jackpot for those that play Crash. Upon a jackpot win, 100% is shared by the players with profits in the Crash round. There is a percentage split as total profit in that round. The good news is every Crash round with a particular bet value could be a jackpot round. In every round of the game a specific amount is added to the jackpot.

Splitting the pot: For a jackpot of 10,000,000 with a total player profit of 500,000, winners get 20 coins for every 1 coin of profit in the round.

What Exactly is Roulette?

A number spinner with randomly generated numbers from 0 to 14. Bets are made on Green, Black and Red. Black and Red is 2 times the profit with Green 14 times the profit of the bet made.

What Is the Roulette Jackpot?

Roulette Jackpot is the prize with a decided amount of all the bets added to the jackpot. A player has to play roulette to participate in the jackpot. After the jackpot is won, 80% is shared among players with profits in that round.

The percentage split is as per the total profit split of that round. Every round with a certain bet value has an opportunity to be part of the jackpot round. 20% of the jackpot is shared among losers in the round as per the value of their bets.

Example: For a 10,000,000 jackpot with an allplayer profit round of 400,000, they get 80% i.e. 8,000,000 with 20 coins for every coin as profit. 20% (2,000,000) is for the jackpot round losers.
If there is a total bet of 500,000 coins among losers, each gets 4 coins for every 1-coin bet.

What is the principle behind the HiLo Jackpot?

It is the same as the Roulette Jackpot.

How Can I Verify if the Gaming Is Fair?

In crypto gaming, there is a separate page devoted to game fairness and how it is verified.

Any Benefits to Promote

If you have a successful social media presence and many followers, get in touch with our marketing team via email.

What to Do if I Cannot Control My Urge to Gamble?

Gambling can be addictive so consult a health care professional for help.

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