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Gamdom Casino & Sportsbook is a leader in a new generation of social online casino review platforms. We offer full coverage for every aspect of online gambling. Gamdom’s major features include:

  • In-House games: Crash, Roulette, Tradeup, HiLo (with almost a 100% payout rate!)
  • An Esports & Sports betting
  • Live Casino & Slots

We have provided every information which you may require to know about online, social casino & sportsbook here in this article.

For example, do you know what is the role of a casino internal currency like ‘Gamdom Coins’ in the gambling industry? What are the benefits of using such coins for online betting? Or do the coins have a real value? Answering the questions, yes, the money does have a real currency value, for example, 1,500 ‘The Coins’can be worth $1.

Usually, an internal currency can be purchased or traded using almost every crypto currency and payment method available including CS:GO skins, Visa cards, bank wire, Skrill, and many more. There is also a rewards & loyalty program for casino players to earn such coins.

As we mentioned, we know everything about a casino that aims to be a social casino & sportsbook. Whether it should have 15 or more chat rooms on the homepage or which 12+ languages are of high priority for customers.

Nowadays, the chat rooms can even be tabbed so players can keep multiple chats open! There are also rooms for newcomers and a prediction room that is full of players discussing the outcome of our in-house favourites — crash and roulette, etc.

Languages available should include English, Polish, Russian, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Hindi, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Filipino, etc. Usually, the chat sidebar is available throughout the website, so you won’t miss it out.

Each player has an experience point level, starting at level 1 with 1xp for new users. Experience points are awarded with bets. The more players bet the higher the multiplier of their experience points reward.

Players’ profiles can be publicly available too. Gamers can check how others have been doing. The number of games played, total amount wagered, and net profit can all be viewed as figures on a graph. However, players may hide their profile if they desire and appear as a ‘hidden user’.

Along with that, a casino homepage can contain a live stream of bets as they’re placed, as well as the ‘most wagered’ plus the ‘most profit’ top 5-10 tables for the day and week. That’s the big market, a platform can have over 2,000 active users at any time during the day. There can be up to 1 billion bets placed on a single site.

However, a key part of the casino betting and gambling policy is ‘provable fairness’. This is a feature that’s offered in in-house games like: crash, roulette, and HiLo. It should apply to both the games themselves and their jackpot payouts.

A casino can generate a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes for each game. It then publishes the SHA256 hash for a specific game and the game outcome on the site. This ensures that an alternate SHA256 chain cannot be used, which in turn ensures that the results are fair and not manipulated in any way.

These hashes are used to calculate each game’s results. Every game played has its SHA256 hash published along with the game number in real time. They do this to prove the complete transparency of their games to players.

Does it look like a casino you’d want to get involved with? Read on to find out all the details on exactly what’s on offer and how you can take part on website.

Get Our Daily Rewards after Signing Up at Gamdom Casino

Players can have a hidden experience level that is displayed privately on their profile pages and used to qualify for the daily rewards available at a casino. Typically, there are 3 levels of daily rewards a player may claim: Silver, Gold, and Emerald. For example:

  • Silver — Your hidden level will remain the same and you will receive 4x coins.
  • Gold — Your hidden level will decrease by 4 and you will receive 7x coins.
  • Emerald — Your hidden level will decrease by 10 and you will receive 10x coins.

Players’ hidden levels increase as they bet, but they decrease depending on the reward claimed. A certain amount must be gambled per day in order to qualify.

Try CS:GO Rainbot

Rainbot has the same eligibility requirement as daily rewards. The minimum number of coins required to be bet per day to qualify is about 850, which is less than $1 on average! It’s a great bonus that barely requires any bets. Usually, Rainbot appears every 8-12 minutes in a chat and rains down coins on the players who are eligible to claim them. The ‘Rain pot’ size depends on the overall site activity. But with 2,000+ active users, it can be a progressive payout worth waiting for.

Check Name Promotion Feature

There are 2 key features to such promotion:

  • You gain XP 10% faster while betting
  • You get a deposit bonus (2% on average)

What’s required to qualify? It depends. You should add ‘’ to your Steam profile name on Gamdom. E.g. If your old name was “PercyGun”, you can change it to “PercyGun |”. This will activate the promo automatically and increase your gaming bankroll along with XP every time you deposit or bet.

Don’t miss our giveaways!

Such platforms hold free giveaways regularly. Be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, VK, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube so you don’t miss it out.

Play Top CSGO Games at Gamdom Casino and Get Bonuses

We do our best to ensure that our games are diverse. Gamdom’s casino has both in-house game offerings, as well as slots, live games, table games from over 30 different providers. The more players gamble, the bigger their bonus.

Gamdom’s Crash

Crash, a game covered by our provably fair policy, has an in-built staking system for players that wish to automate their betting. A max wager is 75,000,000 coins. There’s a progressive jackpot that is split between all players who made profit in the Crash round when the jackpot was hit.

The rules of the game are simple. There are an on-screen multiplier and live graph that starts at 1.01x. It’s up to players to hit the cashout before the multiplier crashes. One of the highest multipliers triggered was a whopping 600x+. For anyone wanting to hold off their cashout, that round would have paid over 600x their stake provided they hit the cashout button before it crashed at around 660x. After every crash, there’s a new round starting for players to gamble on.

Gamdom’s Roulette

Roulette can also follow the provably fair model and contains auto-staking features. Gamdom’s Roulette is a number spinner with numbers from 0 to 14. Players are able to bet on red or black with a 2.0 payout, or green with a 14.0 payout. The jackpot is much the same as that of Crash, though the payout is split 80% for the round’s winners and the remaining 20% for everyone else who took part in the spin.

Gamdom’s HiLo

Gamdom version of HiLo is provably fair and uses a standard deck of cards. While there’s no auto-staking available for players, there are many more options to gamble on.

Here’s how HiLo is played. Players can bet on a card with the options of Black/Red with a 2.0 payout, 2-9 — at 1.5, Jack-Queen-King-Ace — at 3.0, King-Ace — 6.0, Ace — at 12.0, or Joker — at 24.0. A jackpot is paid out to gamblers in the same form as our roulette’s when hit.

Gamdom’s Trade Skins

CS:GO gamblers may deposit and withdraw skins via their Steam account and use their value to bet once traded. The CSGO/DOTA2 skin value transfer is based on a P2P (Player to Player) system directly linked to Steam accounts. Gamdom only monitors the trades.

eSports and Sports Betting at Gamdom CS:GO Gambling Website

Gamdom’s sportsbook has full coverage of eSports. The casino supports CS:GO gambling and all other major online eSports betting markets, including FIFA, DOTA 2, League of Legends, Overwatch, Rocket League, eBasket-Ball, eMMA. Live streams are available for major events too.

Football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey markets are also supported, with the odds that match any other online bookmaker.

Best Slots at Gamdom Live Casino

Casino games at Gamdom include 1000+ different slots to choose from. They are delivered by some of the most popular online brands in the business. Wazdan, Red Tiger, Betsoft, Quickspin are to name a few.

FAQ for Gamdom Casino gamers

Is Gamdom legit?

Yes, Gamdom is a legitimate Casino and Sportsbook.

Do you have support?

Yes, we have a fast and responsive support team that operates 24 hours to ensure all customer queries are handled promptly. You can reach us via email and telephone. Soon we also have a live chat on the website.

Are Gamdom games fair?

Yes. Gamdom in-house casino games are provably fair. The slots, live games, and table games come from over 30 different providers known for their complete transparency.

What are the Gamdom coins?

Gamdom has its own currency. The coins are traded at a value equivalent to $1 for 1,500 coins.

How can I get free coins?

Free coins to gamble with are provided from bonuses, promotions, and daily rewards. Gamdom literally rains down free coins on you!

Where can I withdraw my skins?

CSGO/DOTA2 skin withdraw or trading features are based on a P2P system using players’ Steam trade URLs. Gamdom Casino also supports Steam API keys for additional protection.

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