Top CS:GO Roulette Sites 2024

Roulette is a popular casino game in countries like the United States, France, the UK, and others. When adopted on sites where CS:GO skins are used as a method of payment, it became the widely known CS:GO roulette. 

CS:GO roulette is popular because it allows players to enjoy the adrenaline rush without having to understand complicated rules. Moreover, top betting platforms that offer CS:GO roulette  provide accurate evaluation of your skins unlike numerous trading sites where skins can get devalued or overpriced. 

The table below contains the best CSGO roulette sites and what perks  players are able to enjoy by playing CSGO roulette with them.

RatingBest Cs:go roulette sitesMain FeatureFree code for roulette game

What Is the Difference Between Ordinary, CSGO, and BTC Roulette?

All kinds of roulette are played all over the world, be it in Argentina, Indonesia, Poland, or Switzerland. Because the three are referring to the same game of roulette, it is easy to conclude that they are either the same or have one or two things in common. 

In fact, playing bitcoin roulette, ordinary roulette, and CSGO roulette have numerous distinctive features. Roulette is a very popular online casinos and land-based casino game with excellent features. It is a game of luck that requires strategy. 

A single thing that distinguishes its players is their ability to come up with a kind of strategy that can make them win whenever the roulette wheel makes a spin.

As for CSGO Roulette and Roulette Bitcoin, they have a similarity, which is the availability of the provably fair system that protects the players from being cheated. Whether you live in Hungary, India, Japan, or Lithuania, with Provably Fair, you get complete protection. The major difference between these three is what is used in playing them. Real money is used for ordinary roulette; skins are used for CSGO roulette while crypto is used to play best bitcoin roulette games. Btc is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies. 1 Btc can make you rich nowadays. CSGO skins are also acceptable in some roulette games. To master these three, it is important to understand their functionalities to avoid easy loss. 

How to Play CSGO Roulette

CSGO roulette is easy to play. But we all know how difficult things can look, especially if we don’t have the right skills. Below are instructions on how you should play roulette:

  • The wheel has a disk that spins and has divisions around the edge. The disk revolves around the base of the bowl. 
  • These divisions are numbered 1 to 36 in a random fashion and alternate red and black color. There is also a green division with the number 0.
  • People place bets on the divisions where they think the wheel will stop.
  • The wheel is spinned and the ball is rolled. The player awaits for the wheel to stop with the ball in one of the divisions.
  • The place where this wheel stops determines who wins or loses the game.

Few Tips Before Starting to Play Roulette Game

It can be very challenging for a beginner to identify the right steps to take before playing roulette. Hence, the need to get some helpful tips before proceeding. Below are the tips you will find helpful in your betting journey.

  • First of all, learn if it is legal in your country to play online roulette. For example, if you live in the Netherlands or Portugal, you are good to go. If you are a resident of Singapore or UAE, you have a problem.
  • Understand the game and the terms used on the gaming website and in the community of players.
  • Play at the tables with lower limits. Don’t fall for a big catch. High rollers have mastered the game and are also conscious of the risk associated with that choice.
  • Practice the game in a free mode.
  • Don’t mix your profit with the money you are using to play.
  • Use these tips as a manual when you are playing and don’t forget to have fun while earning more income to fund your lifestyle.

Remember that the game is available for players who are 18+. In addition to this, only players who have registered can start betting on the game. To sign up, you will need to provide the following information: name, phone number,  address, email address, banking details, and set up your login details. You might decide to chat with the support team when some things look unclear. After your registration, the other thing you could do is to look for free coins available at the operator offering the betting service. With this, you can try your luck by wagering a certain amount of odds. We advise that beginners don’t bet high in the beginning to avoid easy loss.

Types of CSGO Roulette Games by Gamdom Casino

CSGO roulette games come in different types, namely no-jackpot roulette and jackpot-based roulette.

No-Jackpot Roulette

This type of CSGO roulette game encourages players to maximize multiple betting options and different available payouts. What determines the amount a player eventually wins are the amount they decide to place on a bet and the kind of multiplier they chose.

French Roulette

The wheel of French roulette has numbers that range from 1 to 36 with the inclusion of one zero pocket. The numbers move around the wheel following a certain sequence. Numbers in red and black always alternate, which implies an impossibility of adjacent runs of color. The order of numbers in this type of roulette game intends to create a balance and structure in the game.

Jackpot-Based Roulette

Jackpot-based roulette has a different way in which it can be played. It is similar to progressive jackpot available at different casinos. It requires all the players to wager their money to form the grand prize for the game. The winner takes home the grand prize. The good thing about this type of CSGO roulette is that a player can earn big and the disadvantage is in the high risk that is associated with this kind of game.

Progressive Jackpot Roulette

This type offers players a chance to win the jackpot that grows continually while players are continuously placing bets. This continues until someone scoops the whole bet.

What Are the Roulette Game Strategies?

It is good to map out a well-thought strategy before playing in order to win. We have listed some of the best strategies that can give you a memorable betting experience.


Martingale Roulette System is playing on the outside bets like 1-18 or 19-36, Red or Black, Even or Odd. Once this bet is placed, you double your bet after every loss until you record your first win, which recovers all the money previously lost. So, when you win, you restart with your original bet amount and keep doubling your bet after every loss till you eventually win and recover your losses. Always apply safety precautions whenever you use this strategy by betting a small amount and building from it.

D’Alembert System

This strategy is safer than the Martingale strategy. It is even considered one of the safest. With this strategy, players increase their wagers after losing by a small margin. Players are more likely to win in the end because this strategy requires them to increase the amount they bet by a small increment after every loss and go back a step after a win. This way, a player can save their profit and minimize their loss.

Paroli System

With the Paroli betting system, players can focus on obtaining 3 consecutive wins on their bet and equally double the amount they wager with each of these wins. It is considered one of the most effective betting systems for roulette games. It either ends on a win or a loss just like other previously mentioned strategies.

Labouchere System

Another name for this strategy is a cancelation or split Martingale System. It is mathematical and very effective to generate wins in roulette games. As players, you determine the amount you want to generate as profit before the game begins. You then make a list of numbers that add up to the profit you are determined to make. In order to make a bet, you add the first and the last number in the list. If you win, cross out the numbers and repeat. If you lose, add the bet amount to the end of the list and start again. 

What Are the Roulette Bonuses?

Roulette bonuses come in different forms. They are one of the advantages of playing casino games like online roulette. They may come in the form of affiliate codes, giveaways, deposit-related perks, and so on. They are like freebies offered to new players or V.I.P players to have a blast of awesome betting moments. It doesn’t matter where you live — Turkey or Spain, Brazil or Sweden, Denmark or Croatia — you can get access to some pretty amazing bonuses if you look in the right places.

Affiliate Codes

Players get this code to give to other players in order to claim a bonus, which may come in different forms specified by the websites. At Gamdom, players receive coins, which the player, in turn, uses to wager on their favorite game. The rule is simple: refer someone and get a bonus to wager.


Any giveaway comes with a bonus being offered to players that meet a particular requirement. It is always in the form of funds to wager and generate more profit. A giveaway is usually offered to newcomers to appreciate their decision to become a member of a particular betting community. Additionally, hosts of casino platforms may decide to do a contest and a giveaway to reward players who are already playing on the website. It could come in the form of CSGO skins to use for playing a game or converting into tokens.

Deposit-Related Perks

Deposit-related perks are usually presented in the form of a bonus that matches your first deposit or its part. Moreover, you may also get free spins. It could be more than a 100 percent bonus, which means up to double your first deposit. The amount you earn as deposit bonuses depends on your betting platform.

FAQ for Gamdom Casino Customers

What Are the Odds in CS:GO Roulette?

In CSGO roulette there are 15 numbers in total: 7 red numbers, 7 black numbers, and 1 green number. This means, if you bet on red or black, your odds are 7:15, and if you bet on green, your odds are 1:15. A player gets a 2x reward for two colors — red and black — and a 14x on green.

How Can I Get Free Skins?

A good way to get free skins is by participating whenever the host of your betting platform is doing a giveaway. Sometimes you can also get free skins by completing simple tasks or taking part in surveys.

Where Can I Withdraw and Deposit?

Withdrawals and deposits can be made directly on the CSGO site.

Do I Need a Steam Account to Play CSGO Roulette?

No. However, some sites require their players to link their accounts to their Steam.

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